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Anet A8 printer, Github Marlin, Repetier Host, Cura slicer

Just setting up printer and printed 20mm calibration cube from Thingiverse. X,Y,Z & E not too far off but not quite right (centre hole was oval not round) X19.5mm, Y19.5mm & Z20mm.

Followed Youtube calibration help and updated firmware to Marlin. I ran several iterations of request travel, measure result and tweek stepper settings (M501,M92xxxx, M500) Live Die Repeat...

When I now print the calibration cube I get X25mm, Y20mm & Z19.5mm.

Could the issue be with the firmare being upgraded to Marlin? The cube was sliced by Cura and I have used the same file for all of the prints. When I stop the print and ask Repetier to move the steppers the distance is as they should be for a 100mm travel.

1 Answer 1

There could be a number of issues causing this.

Since you just set it up here is a list of questions for you to go through:

  • Are your belts tightened? (With an additional belt tightener)
  • Are your carriages are sliding smoothly?

Both might cause some irregular movements explaining the results being off.

Having said that, I wouldn't worry too much if you're <0.5 mm off. This is still a cheap DIY printer (I have the same one, by the way).

This video actually goes into some details why you shouldn't worry so much about 100% accuracy and what you should actually care for when tuning your printer: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Mbn1ckR86Z8

Also Not sure how you measured the cube but callipers are often also not that reliable.