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I have a homemade 3D printer running on ramps 1.4 When i start a new print and the hotend reaches melting point of PLA, the PLA start coming out of the hotend.
This goes on for as long as the temperature is kept above melting point, without moving the extrusion gear.

The extruder is a bowden type.
Hotend is a J-head.
I am currently using simplify if that makes any difference regarding configuration.

Any ideas what to do to prevent this from happening?

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Does it really go on for more than a minute or so? You can't get filament from nowhere, so if the feed gear isn't moving, sooner or later all the material in the reservoir inside the nozzle & hotend will be melted and gone. Leakage like this is normal, and probably a lot more noticeable if you have a larger diameter nozzle.

I would recommend checking to see if your gcode includes a large retraction at the end of the print. That would reduce the pressure and the amount of material left inside the hotend.