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That's my first 3d printer. I'm using Repetier Host as the brand recomends, and set all the configuration as the recommended one. I decided to print one STL file but the result is not the best one. That's what I was trying to print: handle and that's what I've got. cr*p print Here you have a video of the impression. it is a G2S pro rostock mini

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From the video it is very clear there is a major problem with bed adhesion.

It also looks like you are printing on bare metal (aluminium?) which I never saw anybody doing. I must admit I don't know it is impossible or simply very rare, but the first thing I would try in your case is covering the bed in painter's tape and wipe it with some alcohol. This is a surefire method to get good adhesion with PLA, which - from the temperatures shown in the video I assume is what you are using.

If you haven't tried this before, you should know that:

  • some brands of tape work well even without being wiped with alcohol
  • you may need to readjust your nozzle height after having applied the tape

Unless you have already done this, I would also suggest to print some test cubes and possibly some stress tests as your first prints, in order to check that the basics (extrusion rate, dimensional accuracy...) are working correctly, as well as getting familiar with the limitats of your printer.