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I have this fan model, it is a SUNON model number MF50151VX-B00U-A99 and it is a blower type.

enter image description here

When the head is moving in the X-axis it makes noise.
I think this type of fans is not suitable for rapid movement and rapid changes in directions.

I think the noise is coming from the axial of the fan because I think there is a clearance in the axial for moving up and down.

When I put my finger on the fan body(the rotating part) the noise stop!

My question, What type of fans suitable for rapid movement and rapid direction change? and if this is not the problem what is the problem in my situation?

I have tried searching but I can really find a direct answer!

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As discussed in the comments...

The problem with the fan seems to be its flimsy attachment to the printer head. The fact the fan chassis is not firmly kept in place allows for it to act as a soundboard, amplyfing whatever vibration nomally occurs in the motor.

You could probably get a fan that is more silent in the first place (noctua is a known brand for silent fans, and it is used on the Original Prusa MK3 for example), but since there's nothing inherently wrong with your current fan, I would simply design a custom, more beefy mount for it. For added dampening effect you could also use small o-rings as washers for the screws.