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Harking back to the days of "singing disk drives," just wondering if anyone's written music to be performed on a 3D printer. Most of us have noticed in passing that the servo motors for X and Y drive generate a different pitch depending on motion speed. With some care and experimentation, one could write gcode to produce not only a tone but even a 2-tone chord. So -- has this been done? Anyone want to do so? (note that there's no need to simultaneously produce a print, but that would be even classier).

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Yes, it has been done before, see here and here.

The README file of the first repository linked above contains a detailed explanation of the basic idea/calculations involved. A short excerpt:

As you can set the parameters of G1 in such a way as to precisely control the velocity and the distance of a movement along a certain axis, you can control the operation frequency of the stepper motors as well as the actual time to complete a movement.

On another note (pun intended), you can also play music by using the code M300.