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I have a simple printer bot metal with a heated bed, the heated bed I am not using. I am using conductive pla by protopasta

The conductive pla is not that strong, so when I take my pieces off the board, sometimes they break. The only time it appears to be invincibly strong is when it sticks to the bed plate! I cannot get the skirt off the bed plate, no matter what I try

  • a razor blade does not work, even when the bed isn’t heated and after dumping a bunch of acetone on the board
  • using no skirt does not work, as the printer clogs itself
  • it is difficult enough to remove to the point that printing itself isn’t fun
  • when scratching it off, the pieces only chip, because they stick better to the bed than they do to themselves (unlike PLA)

What’s a good way to remove a conductive pla skirt from one of the beds? The skirt is the initial outline a printer lays down, it is very thin

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Based on your description "it is very thin" about the skirt, and by the other characteristics you've provided, I suggest that your z-height for the first layer is suspect of being too small, too close to the bed.

If you have calibration specific to z-height only, re-calibrate and make a test print with skirt. If the test is better, this tells you that the previous setting was at fault. If the test is not better, use a different setting by 0.01 mm or 0.02 mm and run another test.