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I am currently printing the QTrainer aircraft from 3DLabPrint on my Anet A8, via the supplied i3-compatible gcode files.

So far, everything has printed fine, but the main undercarriage part tries to print off the left hand side of the bed by about 5mm.

I have tried manually adding an M206 X-10 line to the gcode file, just after G28 ; home all, however this has not had any effect:

G90 M83 M106 S0 M140 S65 M190 S65 M104 S220 T0 M109 S220 T0 G28 ; home all M206 X-10 ; added by me G1 E-0.8000 F1800 G1 Z0.200 F1002 ; layer 1, Z = 0.2 T0 ; tool H0.200 W0.450 ; skirt G1 X9.382 Y10.533 F6000 G1 E0.8000 F540 G1 X10.536 Y10.537 E0.0388 F1440 ...

However this does not work and I'm not clear on whether I am using this gcode command correctly, or whether my printer simply doesn't support that command.

Is there another way I can apply an X-offset to the gcode file (or printer) to move it a few cm to the right of the print area?

As I do not own Simplify3D and cannot currently afford it, re-slicing the STL files is unfortunately not an option.

Unfortunately there is no X-adjustment on the X limit switch (although I suppose I could temporarily tape something to the print head, so that it activates the switch sooner?).

My Anet A8 currently runs stock firmware, hooked up to OctoPrint and I have access to a Macintosh desktop computer.

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You can use G92 to change the coordinates the machine "thinks" it's at. If just after homing, you apply

G92 X-10 

the machine now thinks it's at X = -10, while in reality it's at X = 0. This results in everything thereafter behaving as if it is shifted in the positive X direction by 10 mm (since if you then commanded a move to X = 1 the machine would move to what is physically X = 11).