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When I wanted to take out the filament from the extruder, it didn't wanna come out, it was stuck (even when I heated up the nozzle). So I unscrewed the nozzle and it looks like the filament is all pressed together at the top of the nozzle (see picture). What does this mean? I am heaving issues extruding filament from the nozzle, the filament barely comes out and the extruder motor is clicking. Can someone help, please.enter image description here

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As per attached picture I can see that the issue source could be:

  1. the ptf tube is not inserted to the end of heat-break, or it is not straight-cut at the end - see this video for help

  2. the cooler on the hotend is not working properly/not installed and heat goes up to the throttle and melts the material

  3. an object in the nozzle that blocks the flow (usually a ptf tube particle that probably melted) - clean/replace the nozzle