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I have the Monoprice Select 3D Printer (i3 clone). I'm trying to print ABS. I set the temperature to 230°C for the extruder and 110°C for the bed. I can see the printer warming up to those temperatures and then when it gets there the bed and extruder set temperatures reset to 0, and the print does not start.

I pulled the ABS out and went back to PLA and printed a part without any issues.

Any thoughts on what the issue might be?

1 Answer 1

this could be connected to a thermal shutdown protection. Most firmwares requires a decent increase in temperature every few seconds.

if you use Marlin then in the source code you can extend thermal shutdown timings.

what to check: check every single connector to eliminate any fiddling or play - risk of fire !!!

if any of wires goes hot - double check connections, replace wires/connectors

  1. note temperature change (how many seconds/degree) on the hotbead
  2. then increase voltage on psu (probably you have a led psu - so there is a small regulator next to the connectors)
  3. validate if that help