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Given a large set of data, I was able to create a 3D graph in Microsoft Excel. How can I create a STL file similar to this graph to create a physical model of this graph? enter image description here

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for that you can use openSCAD. Data can be represented as a multi-array and we can iterate on it via for loop

// data structure is x,y,z where z is value arrayOfData=[[0,10,4],[0,21,9],[0,13,8],[0,41,2],[1,0,4],[2,0,180],[7,0,90]]; for(a=[0:1:6]) translate([arrayOfData[a][0], arrayOfData[a][1],0]) cylinder(arrayOfData[a][2],2,.5,false); 

And where you get the model it can be intersected with a cube to get the desired shape.

<a href=enter image description here">