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I'm applying for a postdoc. I passed my PhD viva in the UK, and was given minor corrections which I've submitted. What is my status? Can I say PhD (pass)? Or something better?

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This is always a tricky time period. Trying to make such a complicated situation clear in a single line on your CV is impossible. Write something on your CV that suggests that you have not completed your PhD yet (you do not want to mislead people), but that you are very far along (submitted, defended, passed with minor corrections, etc). Then in your cover letter use a sentence or two to explain the the situation. For example:

My thesis on Under Water Basket Weaving was approved by my examining committee and my PhD will be awarded in May 2016. I have already published 6 articles from the thesis and based on discussions during my viva voce, I am currently revising portions of the dissertation for 2 further publications.