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I have not been able to print smooth and round shapes using Cura 3.3.1 (or earlier) without bumps. I think they are seams? The filament is PLA.

Combing is enabled, which I thought makes it so that the nozzle travels over already printed areas, instead of flying over the air...right?

I have been able to keep the seems hidden for the most part when there are sharp corners. Sometimes cura hides the seems properly...sometimes it doesn't.

Here is an example shape I have tried printing with several different settings:

Cura printed object

The object above was printed using "random" seam corner preference. If I had chosen "sharpest corner", the bumps would all just stack up in one place, but still stick out.

Cura shape

Cura settings 1 Cura settings 2

Cura Settings 3 Cura settings 4

Just look at the travel lines below! Why is it jumping all over the place?

Cura travel lines

Cura travel lines single layer

I have tried "Avoid printed parts when traveling" enabled and disabled, doesn't seem to make much difference.

I feel that there should be a configuration that results in the nozzle not jumping through the air like that, but I can't find it. Perhaps that's not related to the bumps?

The printer is a MonoPrice Mini Delta.

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Have you correctly calibrated your steps per mm a.k.a. esteps? Tom made a great video about it:

3D printing guides: Calibration and why you might be doing it wrong