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I've made a 9H-printing model tonight, and only a little part of it failed (because a support dropped off). I want to reprint only that little part.

How can I do that in Cura? How can I tell Cura to generate a gcode file so only that little part (inside the transparent cube below) will be printed?

The part I want to print is the one inside the transparent cube

I've placed the model upside-down on the Cura plate to "cut off" what was well printed. I've made a simple 3D cube model in Blender and placed it so it intersect with the part I want to print (I've set the "mesh type" of that cube to "don't support overlaps" for that). I've tried using "Mesh fixes: disable Union Overlapping Volumes" and the "Merge meshes" option, but the merge aligns the cube origin and the model origin (which I don't want).

What's the proper way to do such partial printing?

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The most recent versions of Cura cannot do that for you. This is a removed feature (or better said: not ported from the old application to the new application), so installing an older version of Cura may work for you.

Alternatively there are many more pieces of (free) software that can do that for you. E.g. MeshMixer or the Slic3r application can do that for you. This video shows a demonstration how to do that.