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Was anyone able to connect the default Anet A8 (2004) display to a MKS GEN L?

I've tried direct connection with re-wiring, and see white squares there, but I'm only able to see white squares on the screen as on screenshot:

White squares on the image



The code that is currently used for the display :

  1. Config.h uses #define ZONESTAR_LCD. Also #define MOTHERBOARD BOARD_MKS_GEN_L

  2. Config_adv.h uses #define LCD_PROGRESS_BAR

  3. Pins were left as they were in config file.

Also I've tried replacing them with this numbering (which comes from MKS spec):

35 16 25 29 5V 37 17 23 27 GND 

1 Answer 1

I've got the Anet A8 display working on a RAMPS 1.6. Note that at first connection I got exactly the same display when I connected the LCD to the EXP header.

To get the Anet A8 display working on a MKS GEN L (which is basically a RAMPS board) you need to forget about the EXP1 and EXP2 headers. Instead you need to connect the Anet A8 display to the AUX2 header. The only thing you would have to do (from the hardware side) is to switch the cables that are connected to the pin 1 and pin 2. Pin 1 on AUX2 is VCC and pin on AUX2 is GND, this is reversed on the Anet A8 display.

From the software side you need to set the following constants:

#define ULTRA_LCD // Character based 



Anet A8 display working on RAMPS 1.6