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I don't know how to say this but during the print, the printer will randomly have difficulty extruding the filament. I will have to give the filament a boost for it to keep going. Once I done the boost, the extruder keeps going perfectly fine for a while.

I am using a Prusa I3 clone bought second hand. I am using the settings that the previous owner gave me (I personally know him). He previously printed a lot of stuff with those settings and they seem to work well. I also bought the brand of same filament as he did for my first roll.

My question is:

Has anyone had this problem or anything similar and if they did, how did they resolve it?

If anymore precision or clarification is needed, please ask.


When I say boost I mean that I have to push it down a bit more for it to countinue extruding.

I am using 3D branche filament (it's a local store in Montreal).

I do sometime hear it click before the print. When it does that. I stop the print and restart it.

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Check your retraction settings. I had a similar issue and it was caused by the retraction, It retracted just about enough so the gears couldnt hit the hole properly to feed the filament into the nozzle. To fix that I lowered the value of mm on the retraction settings.