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If I set temperature say 220 degree, printer heats up to it and it only varies +/-0.5 degree under non operating condition. But if I start a print, there's a shift of +/- 15 degrees. I've already auto tuned PID parameters and When I run M503, printer shows the updated PID values. enter image description here

What could be the reason?? FW : Marlin

Controller : Printrboard rev D

1 Answer 1

There could be a number of reasons for that behaviour:

Please check following items:

  1. part blower/fan cools down the nozzle - stop the fan
  2. material is extruded at high speed and takes the heat
  3. loose thermistor (when the move occurs as it moves a bit internally)
  4. the power supply unit voltage varies - so temperature reading varies as well - measure voltage and see if there are significant drops
  5. nozzle heater and thermistor cables can be loose as well (check screw terminals)
  6. bed heater connection cables having not a good connection (check screw terminals)