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I am wondering how people that use standalone 3D printers (printers that have the ability to print autonomously from SD Card) feed in filament, prime the printhead and/or change filaments without a laptop ?

Do the printers have a menu to arrange all these tasks ? I often only see the options to preheat the head to a certain temperature, but not to load/unload filament, extrude a small amount etc.

I understand this differs from printer to printer, but still am wondering about this.

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There are options for tablets. They are running software (for example) on some device that has internal storage, wifi, USB connection etc. You can buy a new tablet, or reuse your old one just to be a controller.

Another great example is this app.

Apps have menus that can arrange everything for you, now it depends on what app do you use and what filament you use. It's very simple thing.

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