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Several universities in the United States have begun setting up areas (usually in the library) for students to rest, ideally for those doing all-nighters. Its purpose is to help its students cope with the lack of sleep. Not much has been said about its effectivity.

The student government of our university has been discussing employing the same concept on-campus. I would like to know if this is a good idea or if it is more likely to promote a culture of lethargy.

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My first thought was, Do you mean a dorm room?

But, many students in the US commute to school, so are overtaxed with having to travel from their residence to campus and back on a regular basis. They also often have part or full time jobs with commutes on top of their studies and many are taking stimulant medications.

It would probably be better to promote affordable housing options on and near campuses and create actual localized academic communities rather than the fractured rush-hour-to-a-degree that we currently see many students engaging in.

What do you mean by a "culture of lethargy?"

Rest is when the body and mind build new connections. Sleep is necessary for humans to function, not just some wasted time where we could be "more productive."

It depends on what kind of campus you are on whether it is a good idea.