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Is it any biased view from a viewpoint of a big country, where you have many chances to change laboratories/universities/working groups, vs. a small one?

Suppose you are from a small country when there is only one laboratory in your field and you want to stay in that country due to family reasons. Then you probably have these options:

  • stay there and get published with your supervisor;
  • move to another country for some years and come back (and you will end up with your supervisor);
  • move to related field and you will probably end up with some sort of collaboration with your supervisor anyway.

Are these options considered "weak" from an academic's perspective?

1 Answer 1

Do good work and publish in high impact journals. As long as you're doing good work, then it really shouldn't matter who you are publishing with. I don't think I've ever read a paper from a small country and had a preconceived notion about the quality of the work. However, if your lab becomes well known for a research area then I think that's a benefit and not a hindrance.