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I changed the filament (PLA) in my Wanhao Duplicator I3+. I ended the first try to print when I saw that the 'lines' were too thin. I re-sliced with a higher temperature (195°C instead of 190°C). Now the print started without a problem but after about 25% no more filament came out of the extruder. What can be the reason and how can I resolve it?

The filament is from Vertex, grey. The object that I use to test is a 20 mm hollow cube from Thingiverse that I have used for the previous filament too.

I am not sure that this is a clogging problem since the print starts with no problems. It just stopped after 25%. When I started another print I was able to finish by increasing the temperature.

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My slicer (Cura-lulzbot) has a setting for initial printing temp, and then printing temp after the first few layers. Is it possible that your temp is initially OK, but then drops too low? Does your printer have a readout that shows the current temp? Is the temp still OK when it stops?

It sounds like you are printing a sample cube, so I assume not too large. Could you simulate this by just directly command your printer to extrude 500 mm of filament, or longer? Then see if it clogs. That would tell you if it was a physical problem with your printer instead of some change specified by the G-code for a sliced print.