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Just built my new Anet A6 and not seeing a power off button. How do I power it down safely? Am I missing something?

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The Anet A6 does not have a power switch. To power the printer you need to put the power cord into the socket. To "safely power off" the printer you need to pull the plug from the socket. You can even pull the plug during usage when it appears to go wrong (e.g. when the nozzle is digging into the bed). The printer runs a continuous running program/instructions that can be interrupted at any time, it does not have to be shut down according to a certain procedure like computer operating systems that use a proper file system.

You can insert a power button in the power cord yourself for ease of use.

Furthermore, it is pretty common to replace the power cord for a computer power cord with a C13 plug and connect a C14 socket with power button (and an optional fuse) to the power supply unit:

C14 socket

Please note that it is very dangerous to mess with the mains voltage, so please be sure what you do or get help from someone that does. Use proper tools to crimp wire correctors to the leads.

If you are not able to do the rewiring of cables to put in a switch, plug the printer into a power strip with an integrated switch button.

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