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I am a theoretical PhD student. Is it possible to submit and to publish papers in journals without supervisor approval? I am asking also from legal point of view, as well. I have talked to many people in my university and some of them don't have a good opinion regarding single author papers since such a single author paper might have sufficient errors in it. However, the subject is not studied by anyone in the university.

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There is no general reason why this should not be possible/allowed.

You will have to check the regulations of your department/university for PhD students: They may require you to seek approval of your advisor prior to submission of papers. Potentially a journal could have a similar rule in place, but I have never encountered this.

That said, I do not believe this to be advisable: If your relationship with your PhD advisor is so bad that do you not feel you can ask them about your intention to submit this paper, you should probably seek a new advisor. If you are so close to graduating that your prefer sitting it out, then rocking the boat is probably a bad idea.