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I have a Monoprice Maker Select v2. It is the kind where the moving plate (heat bed) provides the Y-axis and the moving extruder provides the X-axis. It has a fairly rigid sheet metal frame. In addition, I added steel rods has Z-braces.

I see some pretty obvious ghosting. This happens for an inch or so right after every sharp turn. Clearly, vibration is to be blamed. I found two simple techniques that improves the situation:

  1. soft floor mats under the feet (allowing the machine to move freely)
  2. bolt the machine to the desk (preventing the machine from moving)

Surprisingly, these two opposites provided exact same level of improvement for ghosting. My question is: which approach is better? Moreover, to further improvement, should I use...

  • (extreme version of 1) hanging the printer from the ceiling using bungee cords (maximize the freedom to move); or...
  • (extreme version of 2) bolt the printer to garage floor (0 freedom to move) ?

1 Answer 1

Personally, I would select the 2nd option.

The forces and vibrations inside printer will propagate over every single part connected. Having that in mind, making rigid external frame is just a part of the solution.

Please consider some extra points:

  1. filament spool on the top bar adds vibration to the frame (get a rubber pad to separate hook from the frame - but I will remove it from the printer)
  2. steper motors are mechanically noisy as well - get a stepper damper (as a piece of thin rubber between the motor and bracket)
  3. moving speed and acceleration also adds a pressure to the construction, so high acceleration and braking need to be reduced (when you put hand on the frame you will fill all those movements (close your eyes))
  4. stepper drivers also have an impact on the quality side (circled model skin)
  5. you also could add an extra tensioners from top of the frame to the base.

Fixing it to the floor will be a benefit and considering points above will also improve printing quality.

an alternative lateral frame