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My Zortrax M200 has a skipping extruder motor, I’ve checked the seating of all connections and 3 different (electronic ribbon) cables and still can’t fix the issue. The gear is clean and have tried fresh filament.

  • Does anyone have any possible thoughts on why this happens?

The extruded motor will move in the desired direction and then skip back.

Loading the filament is fine. Tried new nozzles, blockages checked, etc.

1 Answer 1

  1. Check the pins on the motor. Are they bent? If yes - straighten them out with a screw driver.

  2. This could be a stepper driver problem. If it is then bad luck. Zortrax hard solders their stepper drivers onto their control board (this sucks and is a pure monetization related move by them).

This results in you having to get a whole new set of connector cables and or new control boards every time something goes wrong.

Ask for a control board replacement with new connector cables, if your machine is still under warranty it should be free of charge.

Switch to different or cheaper machines like Wanhaos or Ultimakers if you want the same ease of use and cheap part replacement.