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I finished the mount of my Anet A8, tested everything and apparently it was ok. I installed the driver that came with it, CH341SER_MAC, turned on the printer, connect USB cable, but nothing happened.

In Cura, I tried to add a printer many times and this message always appears

The printer isn't connected.

In OSX, I discover in System Information, an USB2.0-Serial, that I think can be the printer. Is it a printer driver problem? Is it the Cura setting? I'm completely lost...

OSX System Information - USB

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There are a lot of problems with the CH340 chipset drivers to be found on 3D SE and various forums on the internet. To use this cheap CH340 chip that is used by a number of Arduino compatible (clone) boards to provide USB connectivity (a USB bus converter chip that converts USB bus signals to serial interface) you need to install a correct working driver.

For Mac OS X you can try to download a working version for the OS system you are using. You can try to use this driver installer or this driver installer. Both reported to work with Mac OS.

Edit: If you are using OSX El Capitan, please read this. To get the CH340 drivers to work you need to use the tool csrutil.

  • Reboot and press CMD+R immediately after hearing the startup sound to boot to Recovery Mode
  • Open Terminal
  • Execute the following command: csrutil enable --without kext
  • Reboot

More information is found here!