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I am an undergraduate student (in maths) looking for a topic and supervisor for my thesis.

What criteria should I use to judge whether a project/supervisor combination will make for a good thesis and productive experience? Especially in the context of preparing for graduate school. (I thought about asking separate questions for projects and supervisors, but they seem to be so closely linked that it makes more sense to have them together)

Conversely, what are red flags/pitfalls I should look out for and how do I avoid them?

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in addition to the hard skills mentioned above. You also want to search for someone who posses soft skills. Skills such as organization, communication, patience, coaching/teaching skills, are abilities to die for in a supervisor.

Students always look for the superstar supervisor who has all the publications and funding but lacks the tact to help a student to grow. You spend years of your life under an unbearable person for what?

Off course, if you can find someone who is a top scholar and a great teacher it's the best