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I am finishing my third year in PhD program, and have at least 1.5 more years before finishing.

I have just recently submitted a regular research paper for a conference, will be waiting for around 2 months to hear back. Meanwhile I see a deadline for the Student / Doctoral program, for which the conference is expecting a 3-4 pg. research writeup.

I see such student / doctoral program section in almost any reasonable conference. I was wondering what to expect from such programs? Also I was wondering if it makes sense to apply for one, considering I am already submitting a paper there. Of course the paper isn't accepted yet.

Any general feedback about such programs? Thanks

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I attended one in my field this past week. I also attended one sponsored by the NSF last year.

Primarily the focus seems to me about professionalization: Preparing your CV, understanding how to prepare journal articles and apply for grants.

They also emphasize networking - both among participants and between faculty members who serve as speakers or mentors and participants. For one, faculty invited participants out to dinner after the first day, which was a nice chance to get to interact (and network).