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I'm not so sure what to do in this situation. I'm a final year PhD student who submitted a manuscript for publication in a clinical journal (paediatrics) about 5 months ago. I've been tracking the online status of the manuscript and as of February 2016 it indicated "all reviews complete". Its been over 1 month now and I've tried calling, sending e-mails, no reply whatsoever. The phone keeps ringing and I've also left messages (Its based in the US-I'm in the UK). There's only one e-mail address provided on their website and I've struggled to get contact details of any of the other academics on the editorial board.

I'm just getting a little concerned by the lack of feedback or update regarding the manuscript-has anyone experienced this before? What would you do apart from keep waiting?

Edit: Just to let you all know that I heard from them a day after this post!

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Do you know when their next issue is due to be released? (Is it a monthly or quarterly publication?) If the new issue is due out soon they may be very busy, and not replying to your emails because your questions will soon be answered when the journal is published.

Secondly, have you mentioned this to your PhD supervisor? They may be familiar with the journal or general practices in your field and be able to advise you how long the process normally takes. Also, they may have more contacts and be able to get in touch with someone to find out if there is an issue.

If the problem persists or you think there is an issue with the journal, I have known people in my field (astrophysics) to withdraw papers and resubmit to a different journal, but I'm not sure how much that happens in other disciplines.