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How can I detect if a generated STL model will need to be printed with supports?

Context: I have a pipeline which parametrically generates OpenSCAD models, generates the STL, and sends them to the printer. I would like to (a) automatically detect the cases where supports are necessary so that I can specify the appropriate flags to the slicer, and (b) attempt to rotate the generated model so that supports won't be necessary.

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You could try to:

  1. Slice with slicer (Cura in my case) with support enabled.

  2. Search for text: TYPE:SUPPORT

    G0 F1800 X237.873 Y184.24
    G0 X233.869 Y183.237
    G1 F1500 E562.81355
    G1 F900 X233.579 Y183.939 E562.91577
    G1 X233.368 Y184.67 E563.01816

  3. If it exists, then try to call it again:

  4. Use auto-orientation plugin to validate if there is a better (no support) model position.

As an alternative, you could scan the mesh and looks for an angle greater than 45 or 50 degrees.