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I am writing a conference presentation application form, and so far presenters must fill in the blanks as follows:

  • Name
  • Title (Mr, Ms, Dr, Prof, etc.)
  • Position
  • Organisation

I also want to know what degree abbreviations the presenters would like added after their name, e.g. Dr. John Doe, PhD, MSc.

What label should I give the blank that they must fill in?

  • Degrees awarded?
  • Degrees associated with name?
  • Highest degree obtained?
  • Degree abbreviations that you would like to be placed after your name? (too long!)

1 Answer 1

[Expanding @Thomas's comment into an answer, so the question may be resolved]

The best way to figure out how a person would like their name listed is to simply ask them directly, as opposed to attempting to infer it from their biographical information.

Thus, when you are putting together the program, name tags, etc. let the form have a blank saying something like:

Name, as you would like it to appear in the official conference program

Note that sometimes people want something different on their badge and on official listings, so it's worth having two blanks if you are asking about badges as well.