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I'm currently a graduate student in engineering (working toward my Master's). Over the summer semester I'm taking three classes in addition to researching at my adviser's lab.

The lab is located off-campus (about a 30 minute commute), so it doesn't make much sense to fill in all of my gaps between classes with research time.

However, after making my schedule, I realize that I have these awkward 2-hour breaks in the afternoon. I also have 30-minute breaks later in the day, as well.

Given that I can't research in these times (the commute is too long), and given that I'm generally a nocturnal person and like to work on problem sets at night (from the comfort of my dorm), what is the best academic use of my time during these breaks?

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ff254's comment has a great list of links and I think reading papers is the best academic use of that time time. But I also recommend using the time to relax so your don't get burnt out from work/class. Two hours is perfect amount of time to grab a meal, read a book, take a nap, or hit up the gym. Remember to invest in your mental and emotional wellbeing as well as your academic education.

(This was originally a comment, but it got a little long so now it's an answer. I'm sorry it's not directly answering the question.)