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I just received an old 3D printer from one of my school teachers. I have no idea whatsoever as to which brand it is, no instruction manual attached to it, or any other info about it.

How can I find some information about it?

Some links would be very useful. Remember when giving advice that I know nothing about 3D printers.

This is the printer:

Backside Printer as seen from the back

Front Printer as seen from the front

The X-axis stepper The X-axis stepper

The electronics board The electronics board

1 Answer 1

As far as I can see on the pictures - the main board shall be capable to upload Marlin software and run smoothly.

If you connect power and PC/Mac over the USB connection, then using Pronterface you can validate mechanical movements of the printer.

As the rods looks a bit dusty - please clean them with a soft cloth and degreaser to avoid jamming.

If you have any issues you could flash a new version of the firmware - please use this answer, to the question, How to upload firmware to reprap printer?, as a guide to how to upload firmware to the printer.