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I'm working on building a tool to generate G-code (a simpler slicer), and I'm trying to calculate how much filament should be extruded per movement.

Is there a standard calculation for this? Something like:

layer height * flow % * extruder diameter * distance 

How does Cura calculate this?

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Basically, all movements are (small) straight lines, the volume of a straight line is easily calculated as you already guessed.

To calculate the volume to be extruded you multiply the following parameters:

  • the layer height (h)
  • flow modifier (e.g. as pertectage) (SF)
  • extruder nozzle diameter (d)
  • distance of the straight line (l)

With this volume you can calculate how much filament you need to extrude. To get the length (thus the length defined by the E parameter), divide the obtained volume by surface area of your used filament by:

  • π * (filament radius)2 or alternatively π /4 * (filament diameter)2

To sum up, the value of E is given by:

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