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A little backstory to help you understand the situation. I put the 3D printer together and turned it on and everything seemed fine until I started printing. It didn't even get the first layer down when the screen reset and so did the print. I didn't think anything of it, I just went back and tried again, but this time right when I pressed start, the fuse blew.

I have done some research on the issue and haven't had any luck besides recommendations for putting in a secondary fuse before the power supply (which I will be doing in the near future). As for now though, my plan is to just replace the power supply fuse if possible. I went to the hardware store and picked up a Bussmann T5AL/250V fuse (photo attached below) and before I put it in, I just want to make sure this is the correct fuse and I'm not going to kill the entire printer this time.

Picture showing the internals of the power supply unit:

PSU, cover removed showing fuse

Picture of the fuse I bought:

Picture of the fuse I bought

Any and all help is very much appreciated because as you might expect, I'm not too happy with the printer so far.

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The fuse rating is same as described on the board - so that shall be no issue with it.

My main concern is why the fuse is down?

Was there a short-circuit? As this is mains fuse - that suggest a big-bang, so, please check carefully hot-end and bed heater connections before restarting the device, to avoid replacing another fuse.