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I have an incoming project and the only 3D printer available to me is the TronXY X1.

So the question is: Can it handle at least four days of continuous load or should I search for an alternate solution?

I don't want to damage (my only) 3D printer for this project.

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I know that this is a bit wishy-washy but some can, some can't.

The TronXY has a bit of an issue with the power supply to start with. The power brick is a (reportedly) bit suspect, for long jobs, see my answer to the question, Ramps 1.4 with a power brick.

It could be worth upgrading the power supply to a higher current rated PSU (20 A - 35 A), with an aluminium enclosure, i.e. those PSUs which are marketed as LED power supplies, such as this, Tronxy 3D printer accessoires power supply 240W AC110/220V DC 12V 20A for 3D print DIY kit part on AliExpress.

Then you can add your heatbed (that you refer to in your other question), without worrying.

It all depends on how critical your 24/7 project is. Is it a serious production run or just a hobby-like project that is a bit of a fun endurance test? How important is it that the print run goes without a hitch? Would a power supply failure mid-print be catastrophic or easily shrugged off? Would the delay incurred by trying to find a replacement power brick actually matter that much?

A simple analogy would be driving from Germany to Mauritania across the Western Sahara, with some serious, and urgent medical supplies. You could either either buy a well maintained, and carefully run in, Mercedes, which will most likely last the entire journey and then some, or you could buy a clapped out old Lada, with 500000 km on the clock, with the vain hope of getting there. The Mercedes would seem to be the better option.

However, if you are delivering a Dundee cake for an Aunt, which is neither time critical nor particularly important and you aren't even sure that your Aunt will be at home when you get there, then maybe the Lada will suffice.

Into which category does your 24/7 print project fall in? It sounds like the former.

Apart from the power supply, i.e. w.r.t. the stepper motors and hotend, unfortunately, I don't know the answer and can not answer your question.