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I am working on a manuscript and need some collaborations in the part which is out of my expertise. I personally don't know anyone in this field.

It will be a good paper to be published in a top journal. How can I find a co-author to help with this?

Is it OK if I send my manuscript to some academics in the field and invite them to collaborate, or it is an odd invitation?

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A few possible things you may do for a prospective collaboration:

  • Look for authors who published in the field which you wish to publish in (citing from this post). You ought to have researched on a set of papers from which you would have developed your idea or an enhancement to. The authors from those papers may guide you.
  • Contact in sites that facilitate collaboration and discussion like ResearchGate.net and Academia.edu. There are many who have collaborated this way and become from strangers to research associates.
  • Mail invitation; this may or may not work. A discussed in the comments, your mail may be tossed by a spam filter or even be ignored. But it has worked before for some people.

Having stated above, getting reliable co-authors, may not be so easy. This is one of the reasons why professional research ought to be conducted with a supervisor/advisor or a mentor who is established in the field. They ought to guide you along these lines.