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I will be teaching a course which is made up of 13 weeks of classes in the Fall of 2016. Unfortunately, I will also be travelling in the middle of the semester to a conference in the US from my home university located in Asia. This means that for one week, I will not physically be in my home university and I will have to cancel classes.

Unfortunately, we cover quite a lot of material in the course. Therefore, I am afraid that if I cancel one week of classes I will not be able to cover all the material. What are my options in such a situation?

I was considering recording a video of my lectures just for that week I am away. Assignments can be submitted electronically so I could assign work for the students which they can complete and submit online.

What have other professors/lecturers done in such a situation?

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I do it like this:

  1. Try to let a colleague* take over. This almost always works with 'standard' classes (intro to statistics, this kind of stuff)
  2. Plan the classes in such a way that the students are busy with something else in this week (e.g., data collection), so that a plenary meeting is not necessary.
  3. Cancel - but if I would cancel more than one meeting of a course, I would probably get problems with my department.

* we don't really have the concept of a TA here, you are either teaching (then, you are a colleague) or not - so 'colleague' also can include graduate students that might be referred to as TA in other systems

(context: Europe/Netherlands; social sciences)