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I have bought the Tevo Tarantula 3D Printer Kit.

When I'm printing something that I created (using Cinema 4D), the printer prints it without any problems, but, when I download something from the internet, my Y axis makes steps 1-3 mm per layer and it makes any product unusable at the end.

This is what is does.

Failed print

It does every single layer, not just randomly. I don't know if I have bad configuration or something like that.

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When you describe a problem like this, it is best to describe the effect, not what you think is the cause - particularly since others then might mis-read your description.

Each layer being offset in one direction suggests that there is a problem with either the part moving on the bed (unlikely), or in the registration of one axis drifting over time.

Most likely, your Y-axis is skipping steps. It could be several things:

  • the axis binding on it's runners
  • the drive belt skipping because it is loose
  • the drive belt binding because it is too tight
  • too fast a print/travel speed
  • the print nozzle catching on the print (bed too high, no z-hop)
  • not enough drive current to the stepper motor
  • stepper motor failing
  • belt drive loose on the stepper shaft

A common 'feature' of 3d printing is that different models might emphasise one problem, but a different shape might hide it.

Check that everything is properly tightened, moves freely, and the belts are undamaged - with luck you can find the problem and it's not electrical.