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I am a first-year psychology doctoral student (PsyD) and am forming my dissertation topic. I am having trouble finding a really good book or article that outlines the guts of what makes a good dissertation. Really understanding the core purpose of this requirement for my degree is important to me (instead of just ping-ponging through the process until it's done) because I am creative and have some unorthodox ideas that I'd like to fit into the dissertation framework. So knowing the limits will help me be creative within them. The faculty in my program are great but I am a bit of an anomaly with my goals and need to gather all the resources I can.

FWIW, right now I am looking at an integral lit review between Murray Bowen's "emotional system" in Family Systems Theory and the core Buddhist teachings of Vipassana. The goal will be to show that they were "proposing" the same core construct of human functioning. Should be very challenging.

Thank you!

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I can easily suggest you some articles, which enlighten me a lot about puuting my ideas into theoretical framework which is one of the most important part to create outline for dissertation.

  • Cynthia Grant, Azadeh Osanloo (2014). Understanding, Selecting, And Integrating a Theoretical Framework in Dissertation Research: Creating the Bluepring for your "House".
  • Mariltn K. Simon, Jim Goes (2011). Developing a Theoretical Framework

If you wish to dig in more, those articles will be great startpoint for you, "Research Methodology" is one of the most important issue you have to understand deeply, in order to develop your research perfectly from beginning. So for this point, I can suggest you "reverse engineering" minded approach, do critique for your own research, here is an amazint article guideline for critiquing research in both quantitative and qualitative research approaches:

  • Michael Coughlan, Patricia Cronin, Frances Ryan (2007). Step-by-step quife to critiquing research. Part 1: quantitative research.
  • Michael Coughlan, Patricia Cronin, Frances Ryan (2007). Step-by-step quife to critiquing research. Part 2: qualitative research.

I'm sure they'll give you a lot idea about how to develop your framework and what details you should consider. Additionally, try to look for a Research Methodology course from your university or over internet!