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I saw an offer in a research group described as 'Research position at master 2 level'. Can anyone clarify for me what that means? Is it a 2nd masters or anything else? Does it always need a masters degree for applying (sorry, it's not clear in the requirement, that's why I am asking).

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Just for additional (and slightly contradictory!) information regarding a Level Two Master's Degree in Italy, this from the website of the Italian Ministry of Education:

3.2 New Academic Degrees and Qualifications (SCROLL TO BOTTOM) The reform has abolished the old three year degree (diploma universitario) and the old four year degree (laurea) and has introduced the following new academic qualifications organised in three cycles.

Degrees Credits Years First cycle – Undergraduate studies First degree - laurea
180 3 Second cycle – Graduate studies Second degree – Laurea specialistica
120 2 1st Level Master degree – Master universitario di 1° livello
60+ 1+ Third cycle – Postgraduate studies

Research doctorate degree – dottorato di ricerca

3+ Specialisation degree – diploma di specializzazione *
60-300 1-5 2nd level Master degree – master universitario di 2° livello
60+ 1+