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I need DOI number of the book with ISBN 9780723437512. There is a kindle edition so it should have some electronic identification.

How can you get DOI from ISBN?

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Yes DOI and ISBN are separate. However there is apparently a way to get the DOI from the ISBN-A number which is described at this link: https://www.doi.org/factsheets/ISBN-A.html

Note: the ISBN-A means actionable ISBN so they are deriving some properties from the DOI

Syntax of ISBN-A

The ISBN-A is constructed by incorporating an ISBN into the allowed DOI syntax:

Example: 10.978.12345/99990

The syntax specification, reading from left to right, is:

Handle System DOI name prefix = "10." ISBN (GS1) Bookland prefix = "978." or "979." ISBN registration group element and publisher prefix = variable length numeric string of 2 to 8 digits Prefix/suffix divider = "/" ISBN Title enumerator and checkdigit = maximum 6 digit title enumerator and 1 digit check digit.