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How much budget do faculty members in US have to travel to conferences every year?

I am looking for the average travel support in CS or Engineetring departments (not out of my own contracts) across US top 100 schools, for tenured professors with accepted papers at conferences. Consider places like University of Washington.

The background of the this question is, I like to find out, once my tenure track funding package is finished, would there be a minimum research support from the department, or I am on my own. It makes sense that if my paper is accepted, the university pays for it (I present my work under the university banner). Before asking my department, I like to equip myself with prior information.

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As mentioned in the comments, the question is too broad to be answered in a useful way. There might be a discretionary budget or a development budget which could be used for travel, but it could also be used for other things. There might be a travel fund, but it might not be guaranteed to any particular faculty member. But I will try to give a useful answer: Most faculty are employed in teaching positions where funding is limited and research is not a priority. In these cases travel budget is often zero.