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In my CV I want to know whether the following ordering of the categories is suitable. I thought of giving prominence to research work because I am applying for a PhD.

  1. Personal Details (name,address,e-mail)
  2. Career objective
  3. Education
  4. Publications
  5. Conference presentation
  6. Research Interest
  7. Skills
  8. Work Experience
  9. Co-curricular activities
  10. Extra curricular activities
  11. References

Is the placing of Research Interest okay? Should I move it up? Where should I keep it?

As Career Objective should I write in general what I plan to do i my career once I finish my PhD or should it include the particular area that I am trying to research as my PhD. Say the specific field in applied mathematics. For example: Should it be,

  1. Applying for admission into X university’s Doctor of Y program. or

  2. Career objective : Become a leading researcher in the area of Z and contribute to the betterment of society

1 Answer 1

Your proposed order looks fine to me as a default. If you think you really shine in one category it is okay to move things up or down based on that.

I am assuming most of your experience has been academia. Someone who spent a lot of time working outside of academia would want to prioritize that experience instead.

Research interest placement is fine subject to my above comments about what your want to emphasize.

Your second career objective sounds much better: "Become a leading researcher in the area of Z and contribute to the betterment of society"