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I need to replace the lid of my water kettle and am searching for a filament, that is suitable for this purpose. The requirements are:

  1. Stable at 100°C (212°F)
  2. Resistant to steam/moisture
  3. Food-safe

Has anyone experimented with this or similar purposes?

1 Answer 1

There are few materials that go up to that temperature and beyond.

A very nice generic overview is given by Simplify3d:

This figure shows an overview of many of the used materials in 3D printing <a href=enter image description here">

When looking closely, and without pointing to specific brands (to avoid a commercial posting), your best chances for appropriate filaments for your application is to look at Nylon, Polycarbonate (do not consider Polypropylene; that is very difficult to print) or (not mentioned in the overview as they are more recent filaments) Co-Polyester polymers.