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I just completed assembly of the Anet A8 and powered it up.

Powering up shows white blocks on LED and a series of clicking noise for about three seconds with flashing red LED. During power-up, the following happens:

  • The side heat sink fans start (Blower fan remains off)
  • LED comes up with all white blocks and buttons do nothing
  • No motor moves in any way
  • Motherboard show not light except a three-flash-red-LEDnear the corner (fan connector)
  • Printer remains in the state
  • Reset button only repeats the clicking sound + red flashing LED

Video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/mxNNeK5o13a9C6TC8

The display of the Anet A8 now shows white blocks.

Any hints as to what could be wrong?

Update 1: The clicking sound is actually the blower powering up and then going off immediately after.

Update 2: I just did a blind flash to Marlin 1.18 and the firmware deployed successfully. Now, the boot sequence is almost 4 secs longer (previously, it was 3) and the clicking sound of the blower fan slowly spinning is replaced by a high spin-up of the blower. but after that, we are back to a dead printer with all whites.

1 Answer 1

This is a known and documented problem of this printer. I'm afraid your printer board is dead.

If you have white squares on the display like this picture: <a href=enter image description here">

You need to check Anet A8's mainboard - click reset button and check the D1 indicator: <a href=enter image description here">

  • If D1 lights on for a second then went out and the screen is full of white square, try to reconnect screen wire for several times. When it's well connected, click the reset button. If still not working, you need to replace a screen.

  • If the D1 indicator is always off and the screen is full of white square, you need to replace a mainboard.

From the video you posted it can be seen that the D1 LED does not light up, it is off the whole time. Hence the main board is dead.