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I am wondering if It is appropriate to contact the university and let them know that I will be in the area if by chance I am under consideration. We are moving back to our home state and my husband will be taking a tuck load there. I can join him or not. They stated that they would begin looking at applications on June 16th. Thanks.

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If there is anyone in the department you applied to that you know personally or have sufficient shared research interests with that you think they might be inclined to support your application, I don't think that it would be inappropriate for you to contact them and let them know that you have applied for the faculty position and you would be nearby and available to drop by for a visit one day if they would like you to. I see this as highly unlikely to have a negative effect on your chances, and somewhat more likely (though still not especially likely) that something good could actually come of it.

Note that this recommendation pertains to contacting someone you know, or at least have some small affiliation with through shared research interests, shared acquaintances, coauthors etc. By contrast, sending a generic "look at me" email in connection with a faculty position application to a department chair you have no such connection to is in my opinion inappropriate, annoying, and may very well be counterproductive. Good luck!