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I am providing a block of contact information to someone and the last line of this block it is requested that I provide the relationship between this person and myself. Basically I am trying to find a concise way of saying: "Professor for who I was the (sole) course TA"

Maybe this question is better suited to the English language forum, but because of it's academic, I figured someone experienced here might have an answer. Here are some options I considered but found misleading and unusable:

  • Supervising professor --> in academia this implies your thesis
  • Professor --> Considered because it's a broad term, but again, in academia my first thoughts run back to the thesis supervision
  • Supervising professor (TA) --> not sure it's obvious what the (TA) is referring to.

I don't think this will make much difference, but it's actually very important that answer to the above be as short as possible, as it is part of a short list of positions/interactions held with this professor.

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I would initially suggest terms supervising lecturer or supervising teaching professor. However, both terms are not perfect due to potential interpretation of "lecturer" and "teaching professor" as formal positions. In order to improve this, it might make sense to add clarifying term "class" and remove "teaching" from the second option. Therefore, my final suggestions are the following two options:

  • supervising class (course) lecturer;
  • supervising class (course) professor.