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Based answers to Is Academia.edu useful? it seems that there are some legitimate reason why many people would prefer not to have academia.edu account.

On the other hand, it might happen that you see a paper there which is interesting for you and which might be difficult to obtain in a different way.

I have noticed that when I find some paper on academia.edu using Google Scholar, I will also have a direct link to download. To give one random example, when searching for ultrafilter site:academia.edu you can see that I get direct download link to this paper. (The link contains the string "expires", so it is probably only temporary.) On the other hand, when I try to find the same paper on academia.edu and try to download it, I am asked to login/sign up.

Is there some way to get the url for download from academia.edu website without being logged in? (This could be useful if neither Google Scholar nor some other searches give me a direct download link to the article.)

EDIT: To clarify (since I received an answer copying parts of the above paper). When I made this post, I was able to download it via the direct download link I have mentioned above. And this particular paper is also available on another website. So this is not a request for a paper. (Requesting papers would clearly be an incorrect use of academia.SE.) It is a question whether the annoying restriction to be registered before downloading something from academia.edu can be somehow bypassed. I have simply chosen a random paper as an illustration.

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use inspect element (ctrl + shift + i). find (ctrl + f) the link with this word >>amazonaws.com<< . you need to copy the link from 'http' to 'pdf' >>http......................pdf<< , then paste it in new tab or download manager