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I'm an undergraduate physics student in EU.

I created a politics related android app that is to be released soon. Nothing fancy; I was just practicing a bit with GUIs and various programming tools.

Part of this app discusses modern world war propaganda (e.g. pretexts used to start a war), along with other similar topics. It also makes fun of various political beliefs and ideologies, including pro-vote propaganda.

Needless to say, its content would displease some people.

Initially I was thinking of being open about it (e.g. include it in my CV), but now I'm having second thoughts on how it could affect me in the future. Be it being granted a visa or being accepted in a research program.

I read a similar post but it wasn't helpful since many things differ in my case:

  • I don't "exist" on the internet. I don't use social media and the few search results about my real name are related to physics. The only way to establish a link between my app and my identity is through my CV, and then the person searching would have to use the app to learn my political views.
  • I am not left or right nor anywhere in between, I consider elections (in their current state) an inefficient, resource-wasting game. Therefor, I don't know people's stance towards my beliefs. Also, considering elections a game (as defined above) is open to misinterpretation (which has happened before with my professor; he initially assumed I'm far-far-right).
  • The app strongly criticizes various policies without naming the governments or countries involved.

What should I do:

There are possible benefits from displaying some of my programming knowledge along with some risks, and I can't decide whether I should:

  1. use a pseudonym in the app (copyrights holder, author etc) and never disclose my affiliation with the project.
  2. use a pseudonym, and include the app in my programming portfolio. (is it worth the risk?)
  3. or another option.

1 Answer 1

I don't think having created an app that was, it seems, more a proof of concept will impact your acceptance or failure to be accepted much. For completeness and honesty, one might think it does belong on a CV though. However, the way you describe your app I would add a clarifying brief description, such as "Parody of political process." You wouldn't want more people getting the wrong impression your professor originally had, without being in the room and able to explain yourself.

It seems that you are middle-of-the-road politically, bemused and maybe annoyed by orthodoxies left and right of you. Keep in mind that your app, if this is expressed in it, will probably make both the left and right uncomfortable and head-shakingly displeased: for card-carrying members of the (far?) left and right, anyone not with them, is against them. So be careful.