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I'm printing PLA with the Creality Ender 2 and my print comes out totally fine with the exception of the first layer.

Here's the weird part though, if I place a raft or a brim below/around the print - the raft or brim will print perfectly cleanly. Even on a raft though, the very first layer of the actual print comes out ugly, as seen in the photo below, but the raft itself will be perfectly printed.

Following that first ugly layer of the actual print, the rest of the print will be 100% clean. This happens consistently every time I print any object.

The perfectly printed raft can be seen on the right and the ugly first layer that printed on top of that raft can be seen on the left. Be sure to click the image to see the details of what I mean.

Ugly first layer and raft

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Sounds like you need to get the printing nozzle closer to the bed. In the case of the raft you can adjust the 'air gap' which is how much it raises off the top of the raft before starting the print.